Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Brooklyn Rentals and Tips On How To Get The Rental Best Options!

We've all been through the little "loopholes" that real estate brings to the table. Sometimes your Realtors really aren't as honest as they should be with you, nor are the owners of the buildings or homes. Some of the main things you need to look for when looking at Brooklyn rentals or Brooklyn apartments for rent is the quality of the building. I have heard some really horrific stories about tricks that Realtors pull on you, and frankly it could have been avoided if the renter simple asked a few key questions about the building or their specific apartment or rental.

One thing you absolutely need to ask is if there is an apartment repair man or if the landlord will fix any problems you may be having. If not, you will be paying for anything that goes wrong. Maybe the lever to the shower falls off accidentally. Or maybe the heater breaks in the middle of winter! These are things you should have filed under contract with your rental agreement. By the way, make sure you read your rental agreement all the way through! Secondly, you need to ask about deposits - when they are needed, how much they are and when you will get them back.

Some renters have to wait a week, while others have to wait anywhere from 3 months on up to six months to get their money back! Most people will use their return deposit to place a deposit on a new place when they move out - so it's important to know when you will get it back! While most Realtors are honest, once in awhile you will get one that is sneaky, dishonest or likes to play the "word play" game. Don't be fooled! Know your rights and read your rental agreement - it's not only for their safety, but yours as well!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finding The Best Brooklyn Apartments For Rent Online

When looking for Brooklyn apartments for rent it is absolutely essential that you deal with a real estate company. Our company will work with you and for you in order to help you find the perfect Brooklyn rentals for not only your price range, but for your specific needs as well. For example, say that you want to find prospect park apartments for rent, and you need the apartment to have 2 bedrooms 2 baths, and you want it to accept pets. Are you really going to start searching Craigslist with all of these conditions? It’s gonna take you decades.

Our multi listing system is an easily searchable database that we can use in order to find the perfect place for your new pad with a click of a button! This is not only incredibly easy and quick, but it’s also very convenient as well, considering you can do all of the communication with us online or over the phone.

Once we find the perfect place for you, you would then set up an apportionment to see the apartment and see if it really would be a place you would like to live! You could very well search all of the various databases online yourself - which could take anywhere from several hours to several days, or you could Lang Realty NY do the brunt of the work for you and move into Brooklyn today!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why just visit the Brooklyn Heights Promenade if you can actually live in a Brooklyn apartment for rent?

There are beautiful views all over the city of New York, but not many places can top the amazing sight you’ll get from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

The beautiful walkway, positioned just over the BQE is that postcard perfect Kodak moment that’s everybody’s looking for. The beautiful view of lower Manhattan, The East River, Lady Liberty, South Street Seaport and the great big Brooklyn Bridge is simply unforgettable.

In any given time you’ll find lovers on a romantic getaway, photographers looking for inspiration, and tourists in search for the best possible angle that can encompass the scenery.

A walk on that promenade always end in DUMBO that’s underneath the Brooklyn Bridge and can never be satisfying without a slice of the best pizza pie in town over at Grimaldi’s and a scoop of delicious ice cream from the nearby Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.

On the way you’ll notice Cobble Hill and Brooklyn Heights picturesque brownstones and historical tree-lined streets. And you know… you can actually live here! Wouldn’t it be perfect?

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Friday, November 6, 2009

A Word about Park Slope and Brooklyn Rentals

Last week we’ve talked about the wonders of Prospect Park and we decided to dedicate this blog post to its neighbor – the beautiful Park Slope neighborhood.

Park Slope is truly one of the prettiest places in town and one of the best neighborhoods, offering historic building and quiet streets, top-rated restaurants, amazing bars, lovely boutiques and hip shops and of course – a convenient accesses to Prospect Park and not only, but also BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), The lovely Brooklyn Museum, and the Central Library of the Borough.

By the way, Park Slope was entitled as on of America’s ten best neighborhoods in 2006 by Natural Home Magazine. It was the parks, the greenery and the neighborly gathering places that boosted the reputation of Park Slope. Indeed it’s hard to compete with the weekly farmer’s market and the community gardens of the neighborhood.

Park Slope is yet to be infested by big chain stores, pharmacies and banks like the rest of New York City and the communal life are as exciting as it gets.

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