Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Brooklyn Rentals and Tips On How To Get The Rental Best Options!

We've all been through the little "loopholes" that real estate brings to the table. Sometimes your Realtors really aren't as honest as they should be with you, nor are the owners of the buildings or homes. Some of the main things you need to look for when looking at Brooklyn rentals or Brooklyn apartments for rent is the quality of the building. I have heard some really horrific stories about tricks that Realtors pull on you, and frankly it could have been avoided if the renter simple asked a few key questions about the building or their specific apartment or rental.

One thing you absolutely need to ask is if there is an apartment repair man or if the landlord will fix any problems you may be having. If not, you will be paying for anything that goes wrong. Maybe the lever to the shower falls off accidentally. Or maybe the heater breaks in the middle of winter! These are things you should have filed under contract with your rental agreement. By the way, make sure you read your rental agreement all the way through! Secondly, you need to ask about deposits - when they are needed, how much they are and when you will get them back.

Some renters have to wait a week, while others have to wait anywhere from 3 months on up to six months to get their money back! Most people will use their return deposit to place a deposit on a new place when they move out - so it's important to know when you will get it back! While most Realtors are honest, once in awhile you will get one that is sneaky, dishonest or likes to play the "word play" game. Don't be fooled! Know your rights and read your rental agreement - it's not only for their safety, but yours as well!

If you are looking for a reliable, no-nonsense realtors that you can trust, visit us at www.LangRealtyNY.com where you’ll find a knowledgeable group of Brooklyn experts, ready to listen to your personal preferences and requests and help you find the perfect Brooklyn apartment.


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Where is this place in the photo that you used? I like the style/look, and I feel like it looks familiar, but I can't quite place it. Might you have a street or building name? Thanks!

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